Sous Vide Cooking – Lavezzini CVS400

CVS 400


SOUSVIDE SYSTEM is the innovative device to cook at low temperature all kind of food products packed in vacuum bags.The working cycle of this new equipment is characterized by two distinct phases: the operator can set the desired temperature of the water in the tank through the control board (normally temp won’t be set higher than 60°) and at a second stage, he may set the cooking time.

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The static water together with the constant monitoring through the sensor/probe – which helps keeping the temperature uniform and constant in the bath – allow to reach excellent cooking results: food is extremely soft and tasty, flavours are exalted and ‘weight loss’ will be definitely reduced. That is why, our SOUSVIDE SYSTEM is considered the essential tool for any professional kitchen.




Lavezzini CVS400

Overall dimension


Total chamber height

mm 200

Effective water level

mm 170

Maximum chamber capacity

25 LT

Working temperature

45° – 99° C


1000 W


Kg 12


230 V/50-60 Hz