Instant Coffee Machine : Animo Optivend 21S NG

How do you start the day:
a long cappuccino or a short, strong espresso? Tastes differ when it comes to coffee. And variety makes life richer.

With OptiVend, you can choose exactly what you feel like, any moment of the day.

+ The drink menu has 7 to 12 easily programmed drink buttons, so the choice is          always  yours.
+ OptiVend accommodates from 1 to 6 instant ingredient canisters.
More canisters mean more choice.
+ Strength is easily adjustable to suit personal preferences, because tastes differ.
+ OptiVend has a separate tap for hot water, so tea always tastes like it should.
+ See your choice clearly displayed.

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Animo Optivend 21S NG

Technical Specification

+ Brewing time, cup (120 ml): 5 – 12 seconds
+ Hourly capacity: 360 cups (120 ml) / 40 liters hot water
+ Rated power: 230V / 50-60Hz / 3275W
+ Adjustable cup tray: 100 – 155 mm
+ Max. tap height: 118 mm / TS 235 mm
+ Boiler capacity: 2,7 l, stainless steel element,
dry-boil protection
+ Compatible with various payment systems (MDB)
+ Water connection: ¾“