Deck Oven Wachtel Piccolo II & Piccolo II S

The true art of baking

Premium in-store baking requires passion and
professional oven technology. A freshness and
quality that you can smell and taste increase
the level of identification with traditional bakery
production. During baking demonstrations, the
baker’s craftsmanship is on display right in front
of the customers. Make your store an enjoyable
place to be!
With the PICCOLO, we are offering a high-quality,
sophisticated deck oven that can be perfectly
adapted to your store concept. The modular
construction system provides plenty of leeway to
configure your oven. Five models with different
baking surface formats are available. Different
deck heights, widths and depths are feasible, as
are metal slide-in modules that run lengthwise
or crosswise. Up to five decks can be stacked
into one PICCOLO. The baking space can also
be expanded at a later stage by retrofitting
more decks. If you want to show off your baking
craftsmanship and expertise to perfection, then
use the PICCOLO CLASSIC for your baking. This
nostalgic oven model in elegant black has genuine
analog controls, gold-plated design elements and
deck door veneers in the look of a stone oven.
The network-compatible IQ TOUCH control can
be installed in a separate control unit on request.
This also allows you to tap into the potential of the
latest generation of technology. Tradition meets

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