Heated Counter Warmer : Fabristeel HCW3

The Fabristeel Heated Counter Warmer is designed to hold and display food items at its optimum serving temperature. Therefore, keep the food fresh and appetizing.

Its specially designed “Dry Heat” area will aid in holding the fried food at its ideal temperature while the “Wet Heat” humidity area will help to keep the food warmly moist and fresh.

All Heated Counter Warmers are designed to fit on the top of a packing table, that is placed behind the front counter with clear, see through, flip doors, giving the customers a clear view of the products, while keeping the food at its ideal serving temperature. Thus, always ensuring that the food is ready to be served.

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Fabristeel HCW3

Technical Specification

– Dimension (mm) WxDxH : 1083 x 750 x 834
– Electrical Data
+ 240 V
+ 1 phase
+ 50 Hz
+ 4160 W
+ 17.3 A
– Shipping weight : 150 kg