Built-In Rectangular Heated Base Glass Shelf : Hatco HBGB

Hatco’s HBGB Built-In Rectangular Heated Base Glass Shelf features a heated ceramic glass surface – made of approved foodsafe materials – to create a uniform heat across the entire surface, making it the ideal foodwarmer for keeping foods at safe-serving temperatures.

  • Adjustable thermostatic controls allow for easy control of the surface temperature, with a range from 100°F-200°F (38°C-93°C).
  • Includes a lighted On/Off rocker switch.
  • Trim mounting ring available in Designer Black or White (standard Stainless steel).
  • Ceramic glass available in Black or White.
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Built-In Rectangular Heated Base Glass Shelf : Hatco HBGB

Standard features

• Made of approved foodsafe material allowing placement
of food product directly on the glass surface
• Thermostatically-controlled ceramic glass surface heated
• Lighted On/Off rocker switch
• All units are equipped with an attractive trim mounting
available in stainless steel (standard) Designer Black or
• Recommended for use in metallic counters – for other
surfaces,verify that the material is suitable for
temperatures up to 200°F (93°C)
• Units include control box with 3' (915 mm) conduit and
6' (1829 mm) cord and plug
• Hatco is not responsible for counter damage caused by heat from the warmer