Deck Oven Wachtel Thermico Plus

THERMICO PLUS – Better snacks for better business

The THERMICO PLUS creates up to 3.1 m² baking space in a small area. The versatile convection oven perfectly caters to the growing snack sector. Chilled and frozen dough pieces are transformed into shiny croissants or rolls with a crispy crust.

Dual steam system
With the THERMICO PLUS, any concerns about insufficient steam are now a thing of the past, because this oven combines two steam systems. The external high-performance steam box is the tool that creates amgenerous supply of steam, for batch after batch of shiny crusts. The internal fresh water injection into the centre of the hot, rotating fan wheel allows water to be atomised into the tiniest drops and distributed evenly in the baking chamber in no time.

REFRESH function
The automatically activated fresh air supply ensures rapid and complete cooling and dehumidification of the baking chamber. Activated during the last baking phase,
it produces an increase in the crispness and crustiness of the baked goods. Product changes can be made faster between the baking processes. In conjunction with the
automatic fresh water injection, this cooling process can be accelerated even further.

Modular system
The modular design offers you plenty of leeway to configure your oven. The THERMICO PLUS can be customised to suit
your capacity requirements and product range. Of course, we can also offer you a suitable base frame or proofing cabinet
model with high-quality stainless steel panelling.

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